Thursday, 25 October 2012

Interesting Way to Celebrate Wedding

Every bride wants her wedding day to be very special. But if you want to make your wedding really unforgettable, do something strange and crazy on your Big Day.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Fall 2011 Wedding Dresses in New York Fashion Week

The Marchesa’s wedding dresses fall 2011 collection. The reviews of Marchesa’s “Great Expectations”-themed New York Fashion Week show. Below, draped and asymmetrical Marchesa wedding dress with lace applique and tulle.

Sleek mermaid silhouette ivory champagne wedding gown with embroidery accents.

White strapless tea-length ruffles tulle wedding gown.

Fall 2011 cocktail frock wedding gown with metallic beading and texture.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How To Manage a Beach Wedding.

The most mystic beach weddings are organized by selected beach resorts, like Sandals Resorts. Beach wedding can be a beautiful wedding that is sure to be poles apart than general bridal events. If you have selected a Beach Resort for your big day, then the ideas are as endless as your imagination! The most important advantage of beach wedding is to explore your creative ideas in true manners with optimum freedom.

Decoration is an important aspect of your wedding. The environment at beaches is already very attractive. Wedding stylists can set the mood more attractive by floral decoration, if your wedding is planned at night, the attractive lighting will create a fairy world for your wedding. Although, beautiful natural scenes are already there for you, so you do not need to pay much attention for wedding decorations.

A Couple of Tips for Beach Wedding Events

2. There is a risk of untimely rain, when you plan wedding at open venue. Therefore, it is better to have a tent put up at venue or to reserve an indoor venue as an alternative.

1. Depending on the time of year, plan the bridal ceremony during early morning or in the evening so that you and your guests do not have to face the harsh sunlight.

4. If your wedding is planned at a public beach instead of a private one or private party places situated on beaches then ensure all requisite permissions and follow all public rules or regulations.

3. The noise created by waves can be disturbing or irritating sometimes, ensure a sound system to play your wedding music, or wedding vows to indulge your guests.

5. The bride and groom should be dressed in nice and comfortable ideal beach wedding dress that reflects a real beach wedding. Putting high heels on soft sand is a bad idea. Same thing applies with your hairstyle. Do not chose classy or fancy hairstyle for a beach wedding. Winds can destroy all your hairstyle, so better leave your hairs loose at a beach wedding, winds will create more wonderful and natural hairdo.

Beach Wedding Picture Gallery

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Planning a Wedding. Some Advices How To Make Your Wedding As Cheap As It Possible.

Planning a cheap wedding also means belittling the necessary wedding expenditures. From our experience of wedding planning, it is inevitable to spend on the rental of place, wines, wedding banquet and so on.

It is not easy to list down what are the things you caneconomize on and it can be a real problem and a storm to test the will of the wedding couples before their wedding day comes.

You can find a good deal for a hotel offering minimal price per table (a table can seat 10 guests). The dinner package also can offer a complementary bottle of wine per table and 2 free hotel rooms for the wedding couple.

The average wedding may cost you more than $30,000, but you don't need to spend that much to enjoy your wedding day. Show a little creativity, and yous wedding can be much cheaper but NOT less chic and beautiful.

1. You can make your wedding on a Sunday. Since this day is not very popular for weddings, most places will rent their facilities for a reduced price. And if it is possible, plan your wedding between October through April. This is "off season" time and typically when the best deals are available on facility rentals for cheap weddings.

2. Check back your guest list. Make sure you really need to invite everyone you've ever known to your wedding? Keep the list pared down to those who mean the most to you and your bridegroom/bride.

3. If you're young and slim, try to look for your wedding attire at a store that sells white prom dresses. You can find something really beautiful there, because the styles are almost identical but the prices are much lower. Besides do not buy but rent your wedding gown, since you're going to wear it for one day.

4. You can buy your wedding cake from a nearest supermarket and decorate it yourself. It is very easy and very interesting work! If you have a culinary school nearby, you can ask him/her to do it.

5. Make your wedding invitations yourself. It is very easy to make your own wedding invites. You can download tones of beautiful wedding invitations from internet resource and type them up in your favorite word processing software.

6. Invite a photographer, a decorator and musicians from your friends or buddies. Maybe they will agree to take pictures, decorate your wedding or play fo free, just to make you such a non-material wedding present! :)

7. Ask for a congratulatory bottle of wine or champagne for every table and for a congratulatory room for your 2 best friends so they can spend the night in the hotel. It is also a good way of saying "thank you" to your friends. It can literally cut down hundreds of dollars off your wedding expenses.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

VINTAGE Bridal Dresses. Wedding Fashion of 1950's

We were going through all the images we collected off the Internet when we started looking at wedding dresses. We realized how cool it was to look through all the dresses by decade and see how fashions had changed. We should share some of our favourite images. We pulled these from all over the web and didn't keep track of where they came from..

So this time it is started with the 1950's. You can also use used the 50's at your it seems like a fun place to start.

This is a photo of Audrey Hepburn in a 50's wedding dress. This is a movie still...not a wedding photo, but it still shows the style of the time very good.

This is Grace Kelly in 1956 at her Royal wedding in Monaco. This is a formal wedding dress that has been copied and duplicated for decades since. Simply stunning.

Last, but not least is Elizabeth Taylor in 50's wedding fashion. The detail of this shot shows how fantastic the lace is.

Monday, 8 December 2008


You have to take better care of your nails for your wedding day because they are of course in the spotlight. On this day everyone would want to see your ring, and you would also want them to look at nice well done nails and pretty hands. So planning ahead is very important so that your hands look perfect on your wedding day.

The classic Look:

First of all your nails have to be very clean and shaped perfectly. The classic way nails are painted for a wedding is using white and then the entire nail is painted with a soft, clear pink or eggshell color. The other classic colors include red, plum, pink, wine, coral and soft lilac, which are all good choices for your wedding.

Amazing Acrylics:

If you didn't manage to grow your own nails, an acrylic set of artificial nails is the way to go. The acrylic tips should be filled in almost every two weeks. Acrylic is often thought to damage the nail beneath. This is just a quick fix and not a real solution to the problem nails. The other advantage of acrylic nails is that they come with certain innovative designs and shapes that can catch people’s attention.

Get a Professional Manicure:

If you want to keep your nails natural, you should schedule a professional manicure a few months before your wedding. Setting aside an hour once or twice a month to pamper your hands will give you a good feel about yourself. This kind of treatment of the nails will help them look nicer and grow stronger.

If you do not know a good manicurist ask your friends for references. And while looking for a good salon, don’t forget to inquire about their health and safety practices. Make sure you go to a salon where tools are disinfected after each use, and all manicurists should be licensed ones. If you still doubt the salon, don’t go there. And if you are not able to get answers to all your questions, then bring your own set of tools for the manicurist to use.
Quick solutions for Manicure on the wedding day
The French manicure is a classic wedding look and cannot beat another in refinement. Many collections also have a wide variety of French manicure false nails to choose from. The following are the various kinds of French manicure looks.

Slim fingers (French arc nails)

The tips of these fingers have a well-curved arc shape. These kinds of nails make your hands look very beautiful.

Beautiful shimmer (opalectric French nails)

This is a French manicure with a high shine finish, which is not usually possible with ordinary nail varnishes or polishes.

Eye-catching detail (dimensional French nails)

This kind of nails combines the stylish French manicure white tips with a three-dimensional white flower or gem embellishment. These nails are very stylish.

Procedure for a home manicure

You can always pamper your hands with a home manicure. A home manicure can be really comfortable. But a professional manicure is advisable just before the wedding. A home manicure includes these basic steps:

* Remove the old polish on your nails with the help of cotton balls dabbed on with polish remover.
* An emery board should be used to shape your nails.
* Soaking your palms in warm, soapy water softens your cuticles.
* Push and trim your cuticles gently.
* Wash your hands with a mild soap and water.
* Applying lotion superficially will not help massage and rub it in.
* Clean the nails once more with a nail polish remover to eliminate the residual lotion.
* Apply a first base coat of nail enamel. Let it dry. Then apply another thin coat of polish.
* Apply a second thin coat of polish. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
* If required, then apply a layer of topcoat.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Wedding Dress and Veils Tendencies. Fashion Bridal Dresses & Veils Gallery.

The buzz is on about Alexandra, the chic salon that showcases haute couture for the exquisite brides. The daylight-filled, sleek environment is more like a relaxing lounge than pressure-filled boutique. Luscious offerings from high-profile designers like Romona Keveza and Amy Michelson let brides create their perfect fashion statement. Each gown evokes modern femininity, especially when accompanied by couture shoes, headpieces, and lingerie. Almost everything can be customized, from made-to-order accessories to specialty beading—so that your bridal look is yours alone!

Bridal Dress and Veils Gallery. Click To Enlarge.