Monday, 8 December 2008


You have to take better care of your nails for your wedding day because they are of course in the spotlight. On this day everyone would want to see your ring, and you would also want them to look at nice well done nails and pretty hands. So planning ahead is very important so that your hands look perfect on your wedding day.

The classic Look:

First of all your nails have to be very clean and shaped perfectly. The classic way nails are painted for a wedding is using white and then the entire nail is painted with a soft, clear pink or eggshell color. The other classic colors include red, plum, pink, wine, coral and soft lilac, which are all good choices for your wedding.

Amazing Acrylics:

If you didn't manage to grow your own nails, an acrylic set of artificial nails is the way to go. The acrylic tips should be filled in almost every two weeks. Acrylic is often thought to damage the nail beneath. This is just a quick fix and not a real solution to the problem nails. The other advantage of acrylic nails is that they come with certain innovative designs and shapes that can catch people’s attention.

Get a Professional Manicure:

If you want to keep your nails natural, you should schedule a professional manicure a few months before your wedding. Setting aside an hour once or twice a month to pamper your hands will give you a good feel about yourself. This kind of treatment of the nails will help them look nicer and grow stronger.

If you do not know a good manicurist ask your friends for references. And while looking for a good salon, don’t forget to inquire about their health and safety practices. Make sure you go to a salon where tools are disinfected after each use, and all manicurists should be licensed ones. If you still doubt the salon, don’t go there. And if you are not able to get answers to all your questions, then bring your own set of tools for the manicurist to use.
Quick solutions for Manicure on the wedding day
The French manicure is a classic wedding look and cannot beat another in refinement. Many collections also have a wide variety of French manicure false nails to choose from. The following are the various kinds of French manicure looks.

Slim fingers (French arc nails)

The tips of these fingers have a well-curved arc shape. These kinds of nails make your hands look very beautiful.

Beautiful shimmer (opalectric French nails)

This is a French manicure with a high shine finish, which is not usually possible with ordinary nail varnishes or polishes.

Eye-catching detail (dimensional French nails)

This kind of nails combines the stylish French manicure white tips with a three-dimensional white flower or gem embellishment. These nails are very stylish.

Procedure for a home manicure

You can always pamper your hands with a home manicure. A home manicure can be really comfortable. But a professional manicure is advisable just before the wedding. A home manicure includes these basic steps:

* Remove the old polish on your nails with the help of cotton balls dabbed on with polish remover.
* An emery board should be used to shape your nails.
* Soaking your palms in warm, soapy water softens your cuticles.
* Push and trim your cuticles gently.
* Wash your hands with a mild soap and water.
* Applying lotion superficially will not help massage and rub it in.
* Clean the nails once more with a nail polish remover to eliminate the residual lotion.
* Apply a first base coat of nail enamel. Let it dry. Then apply another thin coat of polish.
* Apply a second thin coat of polish. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
* If required, then apply a layer of topcoat.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Wedding Dress and Veils Tendencies. Fashion Bridal Dresses & Veils Gallery.

The buzz is on about Alexandra, the chic salon that showcases haute couture for the exquisite brides. The daylight-filled, sleek environment is more like a relaxing lounge than pressure-filled boutique. Luscious offerings from high-profile designers like Romona Keveza and Amy Michelson let brides create their perfect fashion statement. Each gown evokes modern femininity, especially when accompanied by couture shoes, headpieces, and lingerie. Almost everything can be customized, from made-to-order accessories to specialty beading—so that your bridal look is yours alone!

Bridal Dress and Veils Gallery. Click To Enlarge.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Fresh and Creative Ideas for Wedding Ceremony

Fresh and Creative Ideas for Wedding
- Accessories for the bride’s hair, that can replace the traditional veil.
- Floating arrangements for pools or ponds or.
- Thank you gifts for people who made the wedding day special.
- Buy little welcome gifts for members of the bridal parties and out-of-town guests.
- Decorate wedding transportation with bouquets, satin ribbons and a doll that looks like bride.
At the Ceremony
- Use a single flower or a decoration made of satin ribbon to mark the seats of both the groom’s and the bride’s mothers or the special guests.
- Attach flower petals to a large ribbon for an elegant decoration piece.
- Use candles and flowers at different levels to give dimension to design.
- Adorn the ceremony entrance with flower-filled urns that can later be moved to the reception.
At the Reception
- Toss rose petals instead of rice as the bride and groom leave.
- Use roses to make a dome at the top of a glass bowl filled with pretty rocks, and place a wreath around the bowl to highlight it.
- Use a cake plate with a mound of flowers on it as a centerpiece.
- Decorate goblets and cake knives with flowers or satin ribbons.
- Have the “throw-away” bouquet double as a cake top.
- Sprinkle flower petals on the cake table and walkways.
- Float large fragrant flowers, such as gardenias or open roses, in crystal containers with votive candles.
- Have your florist create guest table centerpieces with 4-5 separate clusters of flowers so that each couple can take a part of the centerpiece home.
- Use the bridesmaids’ bouquets to create lavish buffet table decorations or to surround the cake.
- Garland the center of the head table with bunch of flowers, decoration made of satin ribbon, foliage and votive candles.

Thursday, 25 September 2008


Watch beautiful wedding hairstyles and hairdoes pictures. Maybe you find some interesting ideas for your own wedding. Don't be afraid of to experimenting, creating new styles, mix up different styles and let your wedding day be the best day of your life!

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Or artfully messy bridal waves are piled high in this look that starts with tight curls created with a small-barreled curling iron. The ringlets are brushed out, pulled up, and pinned in a random fashion starting at the top of the head. Give an artfully tamed mane serious hold with Finishing Spray, Crystal brooch.

This update of a coif classic features a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck. It is folded in half upward and pinned to create a looped bridal look. Full bangs finish the style with flirty softness. Seal in moisture and restore luster to chemically straightened strands with Spray. White gold and diamond earrings are the best.

Flaunting a retro look, this textured bridal updo showcases a crown of soft curls. Front locks are loosened for a bit of volume. A curling iron is used to set hair that is brushed out, pulled to the top of the head and pinned in a halo-like circle. Think big and take your hair to new heights with Spray Gel, a lightweight volumizer. Floral and feather hair comb.


How do I choose my wedding hairstyle color?

Your bridal hair color should not just complement the color of your wedding gown, but your eyes and skin tone too. Avoid extreme hair color just before your big day, if you want to make a total turn around, say from blonde to black, rather experiment about six months before your wedding day. This is enough time to ease into a color for your ceremony day or if you do not like it, to undo any mistakes. A professional hairstylist should be able to guide you into the right decisions in choosing the color according to your skin and personality tone. A person with a warm complexion tend to look better with copper, burgundy, red, warm brown's and shades of warm blonde. Where a person with a blue or pink undertone will look great in cool shades. Did you know that blue eyes is brought out with shades of red? Highlights will also play a role in the definition of bridal updos hairstyles especially if the hair is platted or weaved.

How do I prepare my hair for the wedding day?

A woman's hair is her crown; therefore choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle will either complement or destroy your whole image. Start by using the correct hair treatment that will suit your hair. Your local hair salon will come in handy in analyzing your hair for you to make the right choice in hair care products and treatments. If you have long hair, do not brush hair from root to tip, this could cause breakage and split-ends. Rather brush tangled hair from the mid-bottom down wards to help untangle hair. Repeat brushing in sections starting every time just a bit higher as the previous time. With this your hair will look much healthier and will prevent split-ends.

Can I use accessories?

Picking up accessories for your wedding updo hairstyle or if you have medium to short hair depends upon your personality and detail of your bridal gown. If you are a shy yet formal type of woman, you would like a stylish tiara, not to bold but maybe a bit more formal. A woman with more of an outgoing personality would tend to go for a more romantic and flowing look, with lots of loose curls and a funky tiara, top hat, flowers or even bold crystals or pearls. The style of the bridal gown must also be considered for a very detailed dress should not have a busy hairstyle. To wear a veil is more of a personal choice than a matter of tradition. There are a number of options, from a short veil that hangs loose over your head to a long or short veil that clips in at the back of your updo hairstyle. Try many options before you decide on witch will complement your bridal couture the best.

How do I choose my wedding hairstyle?

Firstly you will have to determine the shape of your face. Is it round, oval, heart shaped, square, diamond shaped or do you have a big forehead or deep-set eyes? Do you have a large nose - you would ask, so what has my nose to do with my hair except for the smell of the cosmetics? Well, if you have an off-center fringe it will take away the emphasis of a large nose or even deep-set eyes. You have to be comfortable with your wedding hairstyle, if you have prominent ears - you might like to cover it with soft curls and a featherlike bridal hairstyle will soften a square jaw line. But if you are easily irritated with hair in your face, rather consider a wedding updo style. As with your color, start to experiment well ahead of your wedding day with a bridal hair style to avoid disappointment. Choose a stylist that will listen and act on your specifications and needs.

How do I schedule all my appointments?

Start with the season in witch your big day falls. If it is spring or summer, keep in mind that this is the most popular time of the year and that you are not the only bride that wants to get married. Start scheduling your appointment for your wedding day and keep in mind that if you have and updo hair style, you will require more time for make-up, styling, and getting you to the church on time. Work backwards in planning a test for your bridal style and color treatments if you do need it. Take time in getting acquainted with your stylist, you have to be able to trust your stylist so that you know that your bridal hairstyle will be picture perfect.